Nina: Five Months Old

At five months old Nina has her two bottom teeth poking through. Nina can sit up for a couple of seconds unsupported. She has been babbling more and has started giggling, especially at her brothers’ silliness. She has become more interested in toys and grabbing for things. Nina is definitely showing interest in everyone’s eating so we’ll be introducing food soon. Grandpa and Grandma were here visiting during the five month photo shoot so they had to make an appearance.

Nina: Four Months Old

Nina continues to be one very smily baby. She wakes up smiling. She smiles during diaper changes. She is just a joy. She has begun teething which has led to some less happy moments but understandable. Nina started rolling from her back to her belly a couple of weeks ago and has just started to roll from her belly to back. She is 11 lbs. 4 oz, a very tiny “peanut” as many have commented. Keeping her on her back for the pictures was a challenge this time!

*written at 4 months old, posted at 5 months old

Nina: Three Months Old

Nina is such a sweet girl. She loves smiling, her swing, being outside in the hot humid air (I don’t know why), having her brothers play with her, and snorting. Yes, you read that correctly, she is a very snorty baby. She weighs just over 10 lbs and just holding onto that growth chart. The boys are waiting for her to roll over and laugh, two things she’s on the verge of doing. She had her first day of pre, pre, Pre-K this week and she did great!

another one of my outfits making an appearance
she loves it outside enough to fall asleep during the photo shoot

Nina’s Birth Story

As with all of my previous birth stories, feel free to skip this post if you aren’t interested in birth details.

I feel like I should start Nina’s birth story weeks before she actually arrived because I was quite convinced she was going to come weeks before her birthday. Since Augustine was born just after 38 weeks I figured that anytime after 38 weeks along with Nina would be in the realm of possibility. David had been working on our master bathroom renovations and I told him that he needed to have it “done enough” to have a baby there by at least May 1st. Well, May 1st came and went. The official due date of May 7th came and went. My birthday (May 8th) came and went as well as Mother’s Day (May 10th). If I hadn’t been certain that I’d have this baby by at least my Birthday I probably would have handled the next week better but I was desperate to not be pregnant anymore. The days dragged on with chiropractor adjustments, eating dates, drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea, walking, sitting on an exercise ball and anything else I could think of to bring on labor.

At 41 weeks along my midwife came to do a membrane sweep in the hopes that contractions would kick in. That was a Thursday and that day and Friday I did have more cramping but nothing significant. Saturday had even less activity and I got to the point that maybe I wasn’t going to have a baby ever! Oh how wrong I was though. I went to bed Saturday night, like most nights defeated that labor hadn’t started and wishing so badly that contractions would wake me up sometime in the early morning.

Well Nina did one better and instead of contractions waking me up my water broke at 11:30PM. I tried getting out the bed and water gushed on the bed, then again while walking to the bathroom. I woke David up and he went to work getting things cleaned up. I think I went into a bit of shock because I started shaking and had to sit and calm down before even calling the midwives and the doula we had hired. I gave it 30 minutes and called my midwife who actually didn’t answer as I’m sure she was sleeping. I wasn’t too concerned because contractions had started yet. I did text the midwives and our doula at midnight and around 1 am I heard back from one of the midwives saying that she’d head over to our house in a couple of hours and that I should give my doula a call since contractions had started by the point. My doula arrived just before 2 am and was able to tell that contractions had already picked up in the 2 hours since they had started and wanted me to try calling my midwife again. She answered this time and at that time the contractions, while painful , were confusing with constant back pain and only lasting a few seconds she didn’t feel the need to rush over. Things moved very quickly after that so much so that our doula contacted both midwives to have them come as soon as possible. Up until that point I was getting through the contractions by leaning over the bed and swaying back and forth. I had remembered with Oliver’s labor that I got some relief from the back pain by sitting in the shower so that’s where I went at about 2:30. I stood up in the shower for an hour trying to breath through the contractions that seemed to be coming so fast. I had stopped timing them but I could tell they were very close together and getting more intense with each one.

At 3:30 I decided to get in the bathtub where I was able to relax a bit better but again the contractions were very close together and very intense. Both midwives had arrived at this point as well and started setting up their supplies and checked baby’s heart rate which was great. The next 45 minutes are a blur of singing to my labor playlist (mostly worship music), moaning through contractions, and giving David looks of “how am I going through this again”. I remember one song had lyrics along the lines of having God do what he wants through me and joking that I did NOT want God to have me going through this pain. I felt like labor couldn’t possibly last much longer because the contractions were so intense and so close together but I didn’t have any urge to push. My midwife told me I could try pushing which i did and did not like. After another couple of contractions though I moved to sitting on my knees holding onto the sides of the tub and in one push her head was out. I repeated several times “i want it out, get out” and another push baby was born into the water. Someone asked if I wanted to grab the baby and I said “I can’t” as I needed to get sat down. My midwife said “I’ve got HER” as she untangled her from the umbilical cord and handed her to me.

After a minute I said, “you said her, its a girl?” My midwife said she didn’t actually see so I looked and sure enough, a SHE she was. Nina was born at 4:25 AM, just 5 hours after my water broke. It felt like waiting forever to go into labor and then it was over so quickly. We feel so blessed to have had Nina born safely at home where she was welcomed by her brothers when they woke up just 2 hours later.

Nina: Two Months Old

Another month has flown by with this little girl and she sure is little. She is almost nine pounds so she’s finally moved into the 0-3 month size clothes, but she’ll probably stay in that size long past 3 months. Nina is smiling even more and I love it. She continues to like her sleep and loves taking naps in a swing. She will do tummy time for a while before getting worked up and can roll onto her side when lying on her back. The boys continue to be in love with her always asking where she’s at developmentally “what’s her vision like now”, ‘when will she start doing…” “look, she just did…”. It’s very cute.

Not entirely happy

June 26th, 2020

We celebrated two sacraments for our children on June 26th. Nina was baptized and Oliver received his First Communion.

Oliver had been preparing all year to receive the Eucharist in April, but then the pandemic hit and everything was put on hold. The parish rescheduled several times and it was finally set for August for the classes to receive the sacrament. We could have had Oliver wait until August but we knew we wanted to have Nina baptized so decided to combine them together. During a daily Mass Oliver received 1st Communion and afterwards Nina was baptized. We celebrated with lunch and cake afterwards at our house. It was a really lovely day even when Nina was crying.

One of the few pictures where Nina is happy.
David made Oliver a keepsake box. He loves that it has a lock to keep his stuff “super safe”.

Nina: One Month Old

Nina is one month old. She has been slow to gain weight and just got back up to her birth weight at 4 weeks old. She doesn’t seem bothered at all by this as she sleeps a lot. I’ve never had a baby that I had to wake up to eat, but with Nina I’ve had to wake her up. It’s so funny that with all the boys I’ve wished they’d just sleep, really begged for them to sleep more then a few minutes. Now with Nina I’ve wished for her to wake up and eat! I’m not complaining about those 3-4 hour sleep stretches I’m get at night though. Nina started smiling, especially at her big brother Augustine who as he says “loves the baby”. Her eyes seem to getting lighter and I think they’ll remain blue. We are truly blest to have Nina in our family. She was not having her 1 month photo shoot, insisting on rolling on her side or crying every time I put her down. I got a couple shots the next day that she cooperated better.

The smallest smile

Nina Margaret

Nina Margaret was born May 17th (her Grandma Meyers Birthday) at 4:25am. She weighed 7lbs 13 oz. and was 20 in. long. The name Nina in Hebrew means “God’s grace”. Margaret was David’s paternal grandmother’s name and Marguerite (a variation of Margaret) was my paternal grandmother’s name. David and I also met for the first time at a church named St. Margaret Mary’s. The boys were so excited to meet their little sister. I’m hoping to write her birth story and do monthly pictures/posts on the blog. For now here are pictures from the newborn session I did.

This chest was my grandma’s and I was so happy to be able to use it for Nina.
Grandma Riederer knitted the blanket for Nina.
We got the boys in on the pictures as well. That’s their best “tough guy” face. I wore these shoes some 30 years ago.

Lego Party

So much for blogging more. As indicated in the previous video we are expecting a baby due to arrive in May. I’ve felt like I was in survival mode for the last several months with extreme morning sickness and then back pain started in. This blog became a very low priority but I’d like to get at least one post up before this baby arrives in just a few weeks.

We had another triple birthday party for the boys back in August with a Lego theme and everything was awesome. We had friends and family come over for food, cake, games, and a balloon drop. Oliver, Isaac, and Augustine had a great day and we are so blessed to celebrate their lives!

Lego Gummy Party Favors
Happy Birthday Boys! We love you!


We had been talking about making a trip to Disney World for several months but for one reason or another it kept getting pushed aside. In April, we finally decided to make a trip happen before Augustine turned 3 (because he’s free) so we booked a trip to go the day after school wrapped up for the year.

Around Easter time we told the boys we were going to Disney World with Mickey outfits and their Magicbands. They were not very surprised by the announcement since we had been hinting/talking about Disney World in front of them for weeks prior, but they were very excited. We had them watch some videos of Disney World rides so they had an idea of what they were in for.

Anna joined us for the trip and we left at 4 am on Saturday May 18th to get to Orlando.

We made a couple of stops along the way and arrived just in time for the vigil Mass at the church that David and I met for the very first time 9 years ago!

After Mass we went to two of my favorite places that I went to the year I lived in Florida and they were right next to each other. I was already having the best trip ever!

We got to our hotel with enough time to brush teeth and go to bed. The next day we checked out of that hotel and checked into our Disney World resort suite where we’d stay for the next 4 nights. We brought all our bags to the room and then caught the next bus to our first park of the trip: Epcot.

Augustine was too short to ride a lot of rides at the parks but they had a rider swap option that allowed for one adult to stay with Augustine and the other adults took Isaac and Oliver on the ride and then switch. That meant that on most of the rides Oliver and Isaac got to go twice, which they loved. Up first was Test Track, which ended up being one of the favorites of the entire trip.

All Ready for Day 1
Isaac and Papa on Test Track
Gus and I waiting for everyone on Test Track
Then I got to take the boys on the ride

We went on a couple more rides and then went to have a character lunch. This was the only character meal that we did on our trip. While eating lunch, characters will come around to the tables to interact and take pictures. The boys enjoyed seeing Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Chip and Dale, but that also meant not a lot of eating took place.

We did a couple more rides after lunch and then walked around the World Showcase before heading back to the resort for dinner in the room and getting to bed because the next day was going to be an early one.

Day 2’s Park was Animal Kingdom and we had the ability to get there early before the park officially opened. This time ended up being spent in line for a Pandora ride that only Oliver was tall enough to ride and I think that set the day off on the wrong foot. Oliver got sick of standing in line and Isaac and Augustine got bored waiting to go to another ride. After lunchtime we were able to all enjoy the Safari ride but the boys were hot and tired so we decided to leave this park by mid-day so we could enjoy the resort’s pool.

Waiting in Line at Pandora
Safari Ride
Even with slushies everyone was ready to head out

Anna offered to get the boys dinner at the hotel and put them to bed so that David and I could go back to Animal Kingdom for dinner and the evening lights and water show.

Kids Free

Day 3 was spent at Magic Kingdom. This was the park that Augustine could ride most of the rides so we did a lot of them.

Riding Dumbo
A lunch break that included watching a squirrel hiding nuts
Afternoon beverage
This was another favorite ride, Buzz Lightyear: Spaceranger

We were wiped out by suppertime so we again headed back to the resort for food and swimming.

Day 4 was spent at Hollywood Studios. We really wanted to let the boys see at least one of the night time shows so we planned on only staying until lunchtime and then took an afternoon rest at the hotel.

Gus really liked the rides, he didn’t understand why he could go on all of them
Donut Break
Mama’s favorite ride (Oliver wasn’t a fan)
But he smiled anyway
On the bus back to the resort

After a nice break we felt rested and ready to return to the park for another couple of rides, dinner, and then Fantasmic!

Isaac absolutely loved this show. He tells everyone it was the best part of Disney and he still listens to the soundtrack for the show on the Amazon Echo. He only lasted a few minutes after the show ended before falling asleep. All that excitement will make a little one tired.

The morning of our last day at Disney we packed up our stuff and checked out of the resort. We then spent our final day back at Magic Kingdom.

We stayed at the Art of Animation Resort and in a Cars themed suite. They boys thought that was awesome.

We spent the morning on rides that we hadn’t been on from the first day and then in the afternoon we went back to some of the boys’ favorites. Before leaving Disney World we let the boys each pick out something from the gift shop.

Thunder Mountain
Anna took the boys on the tea cups because neither David or I like those spinning type rides.

It was a hot trip (but it could have been hotter). The parks were crowded (but they could have been more crowded). All in all it was a really great trip. The boys had the best time and ask all the time when we’re going back (not for a very long time). I’m so glad we were able to make the trip happen. It was a great way to start the summer and when we got back home we were able to take it easy until the summer birthday season began!

Below are pictures that were taken either by Disney Cast Members or on the rides themselves.