We Survived Our First Hurricane

I am sure most of you know that Hurricane Isaac made it’s way through our home the past couple of days. We made the decision on Tuesday to stay put and stocked up on batteries, water, and food. The power went out on Wednesday at 9am and the wind and rain came through. It came through and stuck around for a very LONG time. David was able to get a generator from his work’s office and Wednesday evening we were able to get the refrigator turned on and a light/fan going in the living room. Since we didn’t know how long the gasoline would last we turned the generator off before bed and had a steamy night. In the morning we turned the generator back on and in the afternoon David fanagled (that’s all I can say to explain what he did) a way to get the water pump powered by the generator and we all took showers. After 30 hours of no power it was turned back on Thursday at 5pm, just in time for dinner. We were very fortunate to have gotten through with no damage to our house. Our little Oliver didn’t like the storm too much and didn’t sleep well (that also means mom didn’t sleep well.) Here’s a video showing his need for a nap and proof that grandma survived the storm too!

Baby’s First Hurricane   (Sorry it’s sideways!)

Birth Story

I figured I would give a short version of the birth and then a longer version for those who are interested in the more intimate details. So here it is, how Oliver Michael came into this world.

Short Story

-False Labor beginning on Saturday Aug. 18th 12am
-Headed to Hospital and sent home Saturday afternoon
-False labor continued until Sunday evening
-Went to Hospital for the scheduled induction to find out I was in active labor
-20 hours later and 45 minutes of pushing Oliver was born at 4:18pm on Monday August 20th
-David was the best coach ever and it was totally worth all the hard work

Long Story

At my 41 week appointment an induction was scheduled for Sunday, August 19th where I would have been 41 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I had really hoped that I would not have to be induced and waited as long as possible to schedule an induction. From Wednesday to Friday I was feeling more and more like the induction was likely to happen since I had yet to feel any contractions and was only 1.5 centimeters dilated.

Then Friday night/Saturday morning at 12am I started feeling contractions. Apparently Oliver got the memo that it was time for him to come on out. Or so we thought…I continued to have contractions for several hours and they seemed to get more frequent so I woke David up and started timing them. They seemed pretty consistent and we informed the Midwife. She told us to give it a little more time and see how things progressed. After a few more hours the contractions got to 3.5 to 4 minutes apart and Midwife said we could head to the hospital at any time. David and I packed up the car and headed across the bridge to New Orleans. By the time we made it across the bridge the contractions had slowed down so we walked around the Mall before heading to the hospital. After walking around two Malls and getting lunch we called the Midwife to tell her that things has slowed down. She told us to still come to her office to get checked and see how far I had progress. By the time I was checked my contractions has stopped all together and I was still only 1.5cm. So back home we went.

My contractions returned and stayed pretty consistent for the next 24 hours. I would sleep in between each one, which meant not very much sleep was achieved. The contraction never became anything timable and we proceeded to the hospital Sunday for the 6pm induction. As we were waiting for a room my contractions became harder and I had really bad lower back pain. I was checked and was 3cm, in active labor! So we got set up in our room and things progressed and I was check a couple of hours later and was 5cm. Then things started to slow down. By 8am Monday morning I was in a lot of back pain and ready to be done and still only 5cm. So I was put on Pitocin to bring about stronger contractions and dilation. I thought everything up until this point was hard, but it only got worse.

The back pain continued to get worse as the contractions came stronger. I didn’t want to do anything at all but it was recommended that moving around would possibly help turn the baby around and reduce the back pain. The back pain was caused by Oliver’s skull pressing against my spine. Most babies are delivered face down for a smoother ride. So I proceeded to do lunges, time in the shower, walking, sitting on the birthing ball and getting in the birthing tub. Nothing seemed to make my comfortable and both David and I were worn out. Around 12pm I was given something to take the edge off from the back pain but mostly it just made me drowsy and I was in and out for contractions. I was ready for that epidural. The midwife suggested that I get checked one more time and if I still hadn’t progressed that an epidural might help relax me enough to progress and allow me to get some rest. Although I really wanted to avoid an epidural I was so tired by that point I was almost hoping that I could get one.

I was checked at about 3:30pm and had progressed far enough to start pushing! It was finally time. I was so relieved that I wouldn’t need an epidural and that we were finally close to meeting our baby. I began pushing and each time everyone kept saying that “baby is right there” and “you are so close”. I started to not believe them and figured I would be pushing forever. They were all right and Oliver was born after 45 minutes of pushing at 4:18pm. He was placed on my chest and of course we had to lift him up to find out that he was in fact a “he”! Oliver did need a little oxygen right after being delivered and I was told later that the umbilical cord had been wrapped once around his neck and once around his foot. I suffered a first degree tear and only required two stitches.

Labor and delivery has had to be one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but also one of the best things I have ever done. I am so happy that in the end I went into labor naturally instead of being induced and was able to do it all without getting an epidural. I know that I couldn’t have done this without my wonderful husband coach. He said I could do it every time I wanted to give up and his patience was incredible. He played my punching bag (although apparently I didn’t pack much of a punch due to my limited energy), and constant encourager. Thanks David for making this birth story possible in so many ways.



Pictures, Pictures!

I am hoping to get a birth story post written in the next week or so since I have been asked by people how everything went for labor and delivery. It’s quite the story! In the meantime here are some pictures of little Oliver. We think he’s pretty darn cute.


Minutes Old


He likes his hands, they are always in his face!


Quality time with Daddy

It’s a Boy!!!

Oliver Michael Riederer came into this world Monday August 20th, 2012 at 4:18pm, measuring 8lbs  5oz, and 21 inches long.  We will have pictures up here shortly, but if you don’t mind looking at Facebook there are some there already.

Mom did great, and Oliver is as healthy and happy as a new born baby can, we are all at home enjoying our new family and trying to recover a little bit from the lack of sleep at the hospital.  Thank you everybody for the concern, congratulations, prayers, and all the support.  And as I said there will be plenty more posts and pictures of Oliver in the coming days.



Our Little One is Comfy

Tomorrow marks 41 weeks pregnant and our little one is showing no signs that he/she would like to make an appearance. I had a nonstress test completed today and the Dr. said baby is doing just fine and there’s no concerns that baby is in distress so we will continue to wait.

As I said a couple of posts back I expected that I would go past my due date so I’m not terribly surprised that I’m still pregnant right now. Baby will come when baby is ready. I’m totally fine with that anyways. I would rather have a healthy baby come later, then complications because baby arrived before he/she was ready. Now the question is when will this little one be ready? Tomorrow? A week from now? It’s anyone’s guess. I will continue to pray for patience during these last few days. Check back often, hopefully our next post is an announcement!

39 Weeks, Predictions?

Just one week to go until my due date. I think I have reached the point that I really can’t wait for baby to get here. Every day up to this point I was fine waiting and preparing for baby’s arrival. Now I am ready! I am done preparing and just want to be done with pregnancy. So any predictions on when baby may make his/her appearance? Any last guesses on if baby is a he or a she?

Here are a couple pictures. The first is of the glider that arrived on schedule and David so lovingly put together! The nursery is truly finished. The second is a picture of me at 38.3 weeks. I really didn’t take any pictures of my growing bump so I thought I should get at least one before baby is on the outside.