Mostly Good Fall Weekend

So we had a pretty productive and much cooler weekend, the temperatures are definitely cooling down.  No, nothing compared to where both of the majority of our families are at, but still.  For the greater New Orleans area, much cooler, but very enjoyable too.  The only down side to the weekend is the typical home owner blues. Lauren told me that the garbage disposal was making a funny noise.  I came home and flipped the switch, and no noise, nothing at all.  No movement, not working in the least, check that it’s getting power, yep, so I have a feeling the noise she heard was the motor giving it’s last breath.   So I know one of my next weekend projects.  We also got dressed up a bit and had a family photo shoot at a local state park, (Formal Family pictures coming soon) with a good friend and Oliver’s Godparents whom one of them happens to be a professional photographer.  Oliver did great, held out a lot longer then I thought while we were doing all different poses, and getting different shots.  Then we had them over to our house where we grilled out, had a little bond fire in the back yard, and played some yard games.  All in all, a pretty good day.  Sunday was much more relaxing with going to Mass, a short walk outside over to another friends house to pick up something, and then to make it complete, did some pumpkin carving.  Couldn’t let kids come up to the porch with out some lit jack o lanterns.  You can see the pics, Lauren did one, and I did one, can you guess who did which?

Clothes Washer Weekend

So I come home for the weekend, and trying to be a good husband, I set up a load of laundry to help out a bit.  Well after a good amount of time I go back to find that I have a washing machine full of water, and a machine not wanting to drain, spin, or do much of anything for that matter.  Now these machines do show some age, so it wouldn’t be totally out of the question that they have served their time and in need of replacements.  Lauren and I have even talked about getting high efficiency ones, though we were hoping to do it on our time, when we had saved some money to do so.  This all happens, ironically, not one hour after we just spent some big bucks one plane tickets for our Christmas travels.  We start pricing out a new washer and the idea of replacing the dryer, so we have a matching set, is quickly nixed. It’s amazing how quickly those get expensive.  So since I have never tried to repair a washing machine before (a dryer once but not a washer) I figure no time like now, to figure it out. What’s the worst I could I do, make it not work more? Well after taking it all apart, casing, water pump, and motor, everything was working right except the water pump which wouldn’t turn that well by hand.  Well forcing it to turn in the opposite direction that it normally would, I found one of Oliver’s socks in it.  Amazing how just one baby sock can take down a good sized 120 volt AC motor on a standard clothes washer, but apparently it’s no match for the sock.  How it got out of the inner tub where the clothes are suppose to stay, no idea, but it did.  So I put it all back together, start it up and it works like it should.  Both Lauren and I were very thankful we didn’t have to shell out for a new washer just before the holidays.  It also goes with out saying, we will be much more vigilant if one of Oliver’s socks goes missing in the laundry again!  LOL

Oliver’s Baptism Weekend

David’s parents made the trip to Mandeville for Oliver’s baptism last weekend. They arrived Friday night and that was also the first night Oliver slept 5 hours straight!!! This is quite an amazing thing since he has been more of a 2 hour stretch kind of baby. He has yet to accomplish another 5 hour stretch since, boo.

On Saturday night we managed to convince Diana and Joe to babysit Oliver, as if they really needed to be convinced, so that David and I could go out to dinner. I completed my new mom phone call check in an hour into dinner and Oliver was doing just fine. When we returned from dinner and frozen yogurt he was still doing great and sleeping away in his Mamaroo. Our first date out was a success.

Sunday Oliver was baptized at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church along with two other babies. He did so well! He slept through the ceremony and only slightly flinched when the water was poured over his head. He actually has yet to fuss at church so we are thinking he’s got this whole reverence thing down. It was so great to have David’s parents and Oliver’s godparents, Will and Elise Bennett share in celebrating Oliver’s entrance into the faith. Below are a few picture from the weekend. Oliver’s baptismal outfit was worn by his father 30 years ago and looked just as cute in it.




































Get me out of this outfit, haha!


















Seriously, get me out of this outfit!