Three Months and Christmas Tree

Just before leaving for Illinois to celebrate Thanksgiving I took pictures of Oliver for his three month birthday. Although he is smiling much more now and I took probably 30 pictures I couldn’t seem to get a shot of him smiling. Maybe I’ll have better luck next month.

Also as David mentioned we cut down our Christmas tree while in Illinois. Here are some pictures of that adventure. Once it’s all decorated I’ll take another picture and post it.

It should also be noted that Oliver has enjoyed two long walks with his Auntie Anna who joined us on the trip back from Illinois. She is going to stay for another couple of weeks. I am going to get so much more rest and cleaning done!







Week with Grandpa

Well I just got on the blog to write up a post about my dad’s trip to meet Oliver and our travels to Illinois only to find my husband beat me to it. I decided that I would still write up a little something anyways.

After Oliver’s first encounter with Grandpa Meyers, where he screeched it terror, they got along just wonderfully. As David said they went on many long walks together allowing me to get some much needed rest and cleaning done. Not only did Grandpa discover that Oliver loves walks but he also found out that we can take Oliver out to dinner as long as the restaurant has a neon “Open” sign. He can just stare at that while everyone else eats. Allow us to demonstrate, a video of a crying Oliver consoled just by walking out the front door and another video of Oliver entranced by the neon sign.


Recent and Thanksgiving Update

Well all three of us survived a 13 hour car ride to Central Illinois from our home outside New Orleans.  Oliver did the ride like a champ. We thought we had it pretty good going up there,  but coming back he was a total angel. We actually had to wake him up when we stopped for fuel to feed and change his diaper.  It also should come to no surprise that he was a big hit with the family, but with a cute baby like that, what do you expect.  We spent Thanksgiving day at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Northern Illinois. It was great to catch up with family as the last time I saw many of them was our wedding over a year ago.  As always my Aunt put on an amazing and great tasting Thanksgiving dinner.  Following my family tradition, the day after Thanksgiving we went out and cut down a Christmas tree that we brought from Illinois back home, and is now set up in our living room (pics to come soon).  Also I should note, before we left for Thanksgiving, Grandpa Meyers came down to visit us for about a week.  He was great with Oliver, those two took nice LONG walks, true to a man that likes to keep busy.  He also took care of several of my home projects for us, so thank you Kent for all your help!  Wish I had  time to write more, but hopefully more to come soon.  And thanks for all the feedback from everybody from comments on our posts, pictures, and videos.  It’s nice to know someone is actually seeing this and we are not doing it just for the sake of doing it.  So keep that feedback coming!

First Halloween

I decided it would be a little silly to dress Oliver up in a Halloween costume to not go trick or treating since he’s so young. I had to do something for the day though, so I bought a onsie at a consignment shop for a dollar. I figured it’d be worth it for the couple of hours that he’d wear it to take pictures. Oliver was quite the hit with the seven total trick or treaters who came to our door (good thing David bought three large bags of candy for them) or rather the trick or treaters’ moms. I know I’m his mom, but how can you not ohhh and ahhh over this baby?


Baby’s First Halloween


Goofy hair for the day


Being cute is hard work


Really hard work



Before Oliver turns 3 months old

I’ve been meaning to post pictures of Oliver on his one and two month old birthdays, so before he gets to three months old here they are. Also be looking forward to a video of Mr. Oliver smiling, it’s the best, and pictures of him from Halloween.

one month old


two months old