4 Months

I wanted to make sure I got the 4 month picture posted before we take off for South Dakota tomorrow. We’ll be celebrating Christmas and New’s Years there and Oliver is going to meet many family members for the first time. We are very excited for this trip and hope to see some snow, it’s been way too long since we’ve seen any. Oliver did decide to show off his smile during this month’s photo session so I am going to give you all a couple pictures since he didn’t deliver that smile last month.

Earlier this week I put Oliver on his stomach for “tummy time” which he is starting to like a little more. I went outside to check the mail and when I came back inside I found Oliver on his back. Apparently he doesn’t like “tummy time” that much. I was kind of bummed I missed his first time rolling over but was able to capture the very next time on video. Here it is. (Sorry for cutting him out of the shot at the worst moment)

I’m not sure we’ll get any more blogging done this year so we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Final Grades Are In
















Napping in someone’s arms: C+

Napping on one’s own: D-

Staying asleep when put down: D+

Napping when swaddled: B

Napping unswaddled: F

Remaining cute throughout nap: A+

INSTRUCTOR MOM’S COMMENTS: Oliver has the potential to be an excellent napper but lacks follow through. If grades do not improve next semester I recommend a switch in majors. I am placing Oliver on academic probation until further notice.

*Note: Pictures are for cuteness alone and do not reflect grades given

Griswold Christmas Lighting!

As a home owner I can now watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and laugh even more.  Lauren and I had bought several strings of outdoor LED Christmas lights last year shortly after Christmas, capitalizing on the huge discounts stores offer on Christmas products.  So this year we take the plastic off of them and get ready to put them up on the house.  Our first attempt didn’t work out well with the lengths, and arranging where the power would hook up.  Not a big deal, take them down, and learning from the mistake we then put them up the right way.  A quick back story on these lights, we bought two 25 white LED bulb strings, and one 50 blue LED string.  The plan was to switch the blue and white in alternating pattern so each string would be blue and white back and forth.  Well strike one in that plan, not only were the plastic bulbs that surrounded the LED clear or blue, but the LED itself was colored as well.  And of course the LED was not interchangeable between the different strings. They were bought at the same time, at the same store, and same brand so that would make too much sense.  As such we just switched the plastic bulbs and strung them up.  Well we get it up the right way, and the two shorter white strings with clear and blue bulbs look amazing!  But the longer string with blue LED’s look like junk, you can barely tell there are two different plastic bulbs on the string as the blue LED inside of them covers it up.  Now that you have the back story a bit let’s continue.  Alright, not to be discourage, I figure let’s just go out and buy another white LED string of the same size and we can use the blue bulbs we already have to match the rest.  Well we went to every hardware and retail store in the area, and none of the lights they carried had bulbs that would screw off to go with the blue bulbs we already had.  We had originally bought these lights in Illinois at a hardware store that they don’t have in Louisiana.  And we happened to have someone from Illinois driving down that week to visit for a while. I thought what good fortune, she can pick up more of the same lights we already have.  She picked up the same brand, even same SKU on the box of lights.  And guess what, they changed their style so the bulbs didn’t screw off, again that would make too much sense!  Finally, I find a set that screws off at Target and the bulb hole is too small to screw in the blue bulbs, I just can’t catch a break. So in a last ditch effort I find a light strand that was close enough (a little super glue and I was going to make it work!) at Sam’s Club, it was a slightly different shade of white, but after all we had gone through close enough!  We get it all hung up for the THIRD time, looking good, turn it on, and guess what?  Half of the brand new string that I spent a few hours super gluing bulbs to, that string I had JUST bought from Sam’s club will not light up.  Oh and there were no spare LEDs that came with it, and yes I checked the fuses in the string, not that I should have had to as I just mentioned it was a BRAND NEW string.  So I get to take it down AGAIN, but this time I get to deal with trying to return the BRAND NEW string I just bought back to original condition, that I had just spent hours super gluing bulbs to.  So the next couple hours were spent undoing my handy work.  I wish I could say that it was smooth sailing from there, but at this point that is the end of the story, not sure with the limited amount of time we have left before going to SODAK (aka South Dakota) for the holidays to get something that works and looks good up on the house.  I know at the very least I will learn to plan this out a little better for next year and test everything before climbing up on a ladder!  Merry Christmas to all and we hope everybody has a fun and safe New Year!!!

Christmas Preparations

This weekend we went to a fundraiser for our Church’s choir where they served breakfast, sang Christmas carols and had Santa Clause available for pictures. Oliver getting his picture taken with Santa was a must so we dressed him up for the occasion. It’s so strange to us northeners that Christmas can still happen without cold and snow, but we try to make the most of it. So we put Oliver in long pants, dress shirt, and a sweater vest in 75 degree weather.

making sure Santa is real

This weekend we also decorated our Christmas tree. It was too hot to have a fire in the fireplace so we had a fake one play on the TV along with Christmas music. It was fun to look back at my own Christmas ornaments that I have received over the years and learn about David’s. There is still plenty of room on the Christmas Tree for Oliver’s future ornaments. Here’s our tree decorated.


We attempted to decorate the outside of our house with lights over the weekend but I think I’ll let David explain that ordeal with you.