Promised Videos

There are four videos below. The first is of Oliver on Christmas Morning. The next two are of Oliver with a deck of cards. The first one captures him laughing towards the end if you can make it out amongst everyone else’s laughter. The second video shows him squinting each time which is adorable.  And last but not least Aunt Laura reading to Oliver




SD Vacation

As we hoped for, Oliver got a white Christmas. I’m pretty sure we actually had snow on the ground the entire time we were in Spearfish and Oliver loved every minute of it. He went on a walk almost every day, sometimes twice, and even though he’d get rosy cheeks and nose he never peeped a word as long as he could look around.

Oliver getting bundled up for his walk with Grandpa
One Happy Baby
Our little snow bear

To celebrate Christmas we went to Christmas Eve Mass and afterwards took pictures of him all dressed up!


See, he likes his uncle Jordan
Now off to bed so Santa can come










Christmas Morning came and to Oliver it was just another day but we put a stocking in his hand and had him “open” presents. It was really great to have Christmas be about Oliver’s joy and I can’t wait for when he gets older and gets excited about holidays. Later we dressed Oliver up and took more pictures.











Their crazy hair is just the beginning of their similarities




















A couple of days after Christmas more family arrived to meet Oliver including Derek and Laura, Great-Grandpa and Great Grandma Ziemke, and as she likes to be called Amazing (Great) Aunt Nancie. It was wonderful to have so many family members and friends meet Oliver. I just hope the next time he sees everyone he won’t be too grown up. He’s growing up too fast for me as it is.


Four Generations










Now these two have matching moustaches! Another gift from Derek and Laura













Unfortunately my camera battery died half-way through the trip so I didn’t take an many pictures as I would have liked. There are still some videos that need to be posted. My Technical Support Person, i.e Husband, does that part so when he gets home for the weekend I’ll have him get those uploaded. Then it’s on to Oliver’s 5th month Birthday and so much more.

New Year, New Job

So many of you may or may not have know, but the last 5 months or so I have been working a few hours away from home in another town.  As a result I haven’t been home as often as I would have liked.  Well, a great new opportunity presented itself, thanks to some help from a good friend, and I am now a new member of the Jacobs Engineering team.  It is a little bitter sweet as I will miss the people I have been working with for almost the last 8 years, but just because we are not working together doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch.  My new title on my business cards is E&I Engineering Consultant, all nice and fancy, but basically I will be doing some engineering/design work and project management.  It will present some new opportunities to learn and grow, as well as some fun new challenges.  Best part is I am home every night, so I get to spend more time with Oliver and Lauren.

We Have Not Forgotten

Hey I just wanted to get a quick post up letting you all know we have not forgotten about the blog! We enjoyed every minute of our trip to South Dakota and then another week back in Louisiana as a family before David started work this last Monday. I will be sure to post about our trip in the coming days. For now here a few pictures.

Meeting My Aunt and Uncles