6 Months

Oliver turned six months old last Wednesday and my how the months flew by! I can’t wrap my head around the fact that he is now closer to a year old then to just born. As always, I took his picture in his diaper. I think it’s so fun to see how much he’s changed in these monthly pictures and I bet it will be even more noticeable as the coming months go by.


Also on Wednesday our friend Elise, she also took Oliver’s newborn pictures, snapped a few shots. Oliver is a cutie but Elise is incredible for being able to capture him perfectly!



Happy Half-Birthday Sweet Baby Boy! Mama and Papa Love You!

Ch Ch Ch Changes

I have felt like Oliver has been growing by leaps and bounds both physically and developmentally in the past few weeks. Up until that point the changes seems to be gradual and not really noticeable to me. Other people would probably disagree with that but I think that’s because I spend every waking, and sleeping, moment with Oliver. The changes have not been as obvious to me. So like I said the past few weeks have been different and Oliver almost seems like a different baby with all of the new things he is doing.

Physically, he is getting some pudge to him. Oliver has been extremely low on the weight for age charts and hasn’t had typical baby rolls but he has begun to “fill out”. This may be in part to his new favorite thing, solid food! I had planned on starting solids at 6 months but he started being very interested in David and I’s eating, constantly watching us during meals, and we decided to try it out and we’ve never looked back.

I posted a video of Oliver at 4 months rolling over and it was one roll from belly to back and took a couple of minutes to accomplish. Now Oliver is rolling from back to belly, belly to back, over and over right off of the rug in the living room. He also lifts himself up on his hands while on his stomach getting ready to crawl. He hasn’t started that forward motion but that will probably happen soon enough.

I’ve also posted that Oliver is not the best sleeper and up until recently was still being swaddled. If I had it my way I’d still be swaddling him because his limbs fly every which while he sleeps which I can’t imagine is very restful. He has just become too strong and breaks free of the swaddle so it’s pointless to use. We’ve started having Oliver take naps in his crib so here he is unswaddled in his crib.

The biggest change I think I’ve seen is that Oliver is now sitting on his own. He isn’t completely balanced where he can sit for long periods of time on his own so I will put a pillow behind him for when he topples over. I am probably only scratching the surface of all of the changes Oliver has gone through but those are the highlights for now.











As I am finishing up with this post I am watching Oliver scoot towards a toy on the floor a couple of feet away. Amazing!





5 Months

It’s hard to believe Oliver is already five months old! He is the sweetest little boy and I can’t imagine life without him.

Besides taking the normal monthly pictures, Oliver had a little outdoor photo shoot because it was such a beautiful day. I know I am biased because he’s my son, but could he be any cuter?