So our computer died

That’s my excuse for not getting posts up. I’m posting this from my kindle, which is quite the lengthy process. My apologies for leading you all to believe you were going to be seeing some Oliver adorableness. We will try and get some pictures/videos up soon.

Love to all.

7 Months

Amongst a very busy month I was able to get a few seven month old pictures taken. Oliver barely fits into the Mammaroo and tried very hard to wiggle his way out of it while I was trying to get the pictures. The Mammaroo has gone up into the attic, don’t worry we’ve found other devices to take up our living space, and next month I’ll have to find somewhere else to take his pictures.

Up coming posts: Grandma Meyers Visits and Easter! Stay tuned.








Florida Trip

As I mentioned in the previous post Anna came to spend her Spring Break with us (mostly Oliver) and we all went to Florida to see Tommy and Alexis. We left early Thursday morning and arrived in time to surprise Tommy when he arrived home from work. His birthday was the following weeks so we decided to celebrate early with steak dinner and cake.

Helping Uncle Tommy blow out his Birthday candles
Oliver meeting his Uncle Tommy for the first time, I think they like each other.













The next day Anna, David, Oliver and I made a trip to Tampa to enjoy the day at Busch Gardens. The year I lived in Florida I purchased a season pass to Busch Gardens and went there almost every other weekend. I was very excited to be back to say the least. It was fun to show Oliver the park, even though he won’t remember it. I can’t wait for him to get older and we can ride coasters together!

Just a little happy about being at Busch Gardens













Checking out the Gorillas












Auntie Anna is silly
My engineer figuring out how the train runs












On Saturday Anna threw Alexis a baby shower. I believe Oliver was the only boy there, but he didsn’t seem to mind all the ladies. Joseph is due to arrive in late April. Oh how fun it will be to have a nephew/cousin.We headed back home on St. Patrick”s Day.

Playing with the Baby Shower Balloons


Kiss Me, I’m Irish (At least a little bit)
Congratulations Tommy and Alexis, we can’t wait to meet nephew/cousin Joseph!