8 and 9 Months

Taking these monthly pictures is proving to be more and more difficult. The eight month ones were not terrible but I’m not sure I have a single good one from nine months.

8 Months











9 Months











So he didn’t do too bad for the sitting part, just didn’t want to give us a smile. The laying down part, he was not having any of it. He really wanted to roll away so I could have given you a picture of his back, a blurry shot, or of him crying. I went with crying cause at least you can see his face. He is not happy about being pinned down by David’s leg. Who’s knows what we’re going to get for pictures next month!



Just a few days after Grandma Meyers returned home, Grandpa and Grandma Riederer arrived to celebrate Easter with us. Grandma got Oliver Easter basket goodies and gave David’s childhood basket to Oliver. After checking out his basket we all got ready for Mass and afterwards took some pictures.

Oliver needs a little time to wake up in the morning
What’s this?













Mmmm something to chew on, my favourite
Thanks Grandma!























Oliver lasted longer the next time in a restaurant high chair. He sure does like to look around at all the people.











It was great to have our last round of visitors come and I know everyone enjoys coming to see Oliver and take in some warmer weather. Speaking of warmer weather, David has a post coming up about our first family bike ride. Plus, hopefully, some videos and Oliver’s monthly pictures (I know I am two months behind on those).











Grandma Meyers Visits and “Firsts”

David has fixed the computer and we are back up and running.

Just a couple of days after Anna returned home my Mom arrived for a week long visit. We were hoping this visit would be better then the last time she was here. The bar was set low considering that visit included a sleepless baby and Hurricane Isaac. While Grandma was here we got Oliver a toy that allows him to stand and he absolutely loves it. He not only uses it to stand up but will also push it around as a sort of walker. We’re pretty sure he’ll be walking in no time. As I mentioned in an earlier post Oliver is getting his bottom two teeth and I was able to snap a picture of them poking through.

Grandma was also able to advise in my first attempt to cut David’s hair. He decided I didn’t do a terrible job and is allowing me to do it again.

We of course had to take several walks together since Oliver enjoys them so much and the weather was perfect.


A walk along the lake front
Not sure about this swing











Driving us home

On Saturday Oliver went swimming for the first time and Grandma got to experience her first crawfish boil at a friend’s house.




























We went out to dinner on Sunday night and Oliver got had his first experience in the restaurant high chair. He didn’t last long, so it’s a good thing there are laps to sit on.











On Grandma’s last day we went to the Garden District in New Orleans and then shopping. Grandma got Oliver an Easter outfit that we had him model early and a baseball onsie to match Grandma’s.










I think my Mom would agree that is visit was much better then her first. I have a feeling she’ll stick to Winter/Spring visits from now on. Our next visitors arrived just a few days after Grandma Meyers left, Grandpa and Grandma Riederer.