12 Months-Happy 1st Birthday

Oliver is one year old!!! It’s hard to believe a year has passed since our little boy came into our lives. He is the sweetest boy and we are blessed to call him our son. We threw him a birthday party this past Saturday and I’ll have a separate post for those pictures. For now here are his 12 month photos as well as pictures from his actual birthDAY.











All dressed up for dinner in his tie shirt
I made Oliver Blueberry Pancakes for Breakfast













Ending the day with Bops (frozen custard). Needless to say, he liked it.

Minnesota Vacation

We made our first family vacation to Minnesota this summer. My parents, brothers, and sister-in-law all made it to the Twin Cities on Friday evening just in time for a quick dinner and then to bed. Saturday we spent the morning/early afternoon at a park. Some disc golfed, then we had a picnic lunch, and Oliver napped on a walk. Then it was back to the hotel to get ready for the Twins baseball game and partake in some homemade beer tasting courtesy of Derek.

We took the train to Target Field and Oliver received his “First Game” Certificate. It was actually the first time at Target Field for several of us. It’s quite an impressive stadium and it was great to be outdoors since the Twins used to play in the Superdome.

Target Field
At the train station. Oliver really does like his uncle Jordan, I promise













Everyone got typical ballgame food-hotdogs, popcorn, beer, peanuts and enjoyed the game. Everyone except for Oliver. The loud cheering really bothered him. Every time the Twins did something good, which unfortunately fortunately was quite often Oliver cried uncontrollably. All the cheering led to a Twins win and even more noise! We’ll probably avoid loud events in the future, at least until Oliver is a bit older.












Sunday we packed up and headed to Morgan to see my Grandma Meyers. This was Oliver’s first time meeting her so lots of pictures needed to be taken. My grandma has short term memory loss and needed to ask us our names several times but she’s still very witty. When asked where she could sit for pictures she said “I’ll sit where ever you want, I’ll sit on the floor if you need me to!” She thought Oliver was just the cutest thing and I was very glad they could meet each other.




















After our visit to see Grandma Meyers we headed to my other grandparents house for a few days. My grandma ended up needing to be in the hospital while we were there so we tried to help around the house and went and visited her in the hospital. On Monday we celebrated August Birthdays, my dad and Oliver, with cake and gifts.










Tuesday we took Oliver to the lake that I remember going to many times growing up. We ended up being the only ones there and Oliver took a little swim.










Tuesday evening we had supper at my Uncle’s farm. This is the same farm my Mom grew up on and has been a running farm for over 100 years. This was the first time Oliver and David have been on a farm so we had to get a tour from Grandpa Ziemke.











We headed back to the Twin Cities on Wednesday for a very early flight back home Thursday. With a few hours to kill there we went to the Mall of America. We of course needed to check out Legoland and then ate supper at The Rainforest Cafe. Oliver stopped everything and looked around when the “storm” came through.











It was so great to spend a week with my family and be in the place where I remember spending many family vacations growing up.

Oliver in the highchair that his grandma sat in some 50 years ago.
Grandpa reading Mustache Baby