House Tour

As mentioned in the previous post I needed to get some pictures of our house on the blog, so while the place was still clean from the party I snapped a few pictures. Oliver will be your tour guide popping inĀ  and out of pictures.


The guest room (future room of Oliver) You could be the next person to stay in this room!

986589_10100116442555394_1347636212_nThe nursery (Oliver’s current room) I plan to paint this room because the red is just a bit extreme.


Our bedroom.


Our bathroom. I never thought I’d live in a house with such a huge bathroom. Ok, I never thought I’d live in such a huge house period.


The great room, so big I am posting two pictures of it. This is the only room we’ve painted so far. Previous color: Mustard Yellow, yuck.

1957539_10100116462495434_934197235_n 1957419_10100116462949524_1802097485_n

The kitchen, again huge.


The dining room. Note the pretty Valentine’s Day flowers from my wonderful husband.


What we’ve deemed as the “play room” I was going to pick up before taking the picture, but this is how it will probably look more often then not.


Our back yard. We are hoping to get our raised gardens built this weekend so we can start spring planting!


There are other rooms to the house but I didn’t think posting every room seemed necessary, more bathrooms, laundry room, storage room- umm I mean the 4th bedroom.

Come and visit to see our new house for yourself. If you wait until this summer you’ll also get to meet the newest member of the family, we are still working on his name. I promise we’ll have something picked out by the time a birth certificate needs to be filled out.

Flannel or Lace? Gender Reveal Party

On Friday we had our 20 week ultrasound and we left with an envelope containing a picture of baby’s gender. Yesterday we had friends and family over to our house for a Housewarming/Gender Reveal Party.

There was of course food.


and a cake


I made a board of Old Wives Tales to predict gender. As you can see, a girl was favored.


Then everyone was asked to vote which gender they thought this baby would be. I made lace bows and flannel bow ties for everyone to pin on the board and wear.


I also decorated a box that we opened up to reveal either a flannel shirt or a lace dress.


Here’s the whole set-up. I had fun putting this all together.


Everyone had food and we gave tours of the house since several people hadn’t seen our new place. I really need to get some pictures on the blog of our house. I’ll work on that.

Then it was time to see who this baby was.


After lots of tissue paper throwing, we pull out…


Wait for it…


FLANNEL! It’s a boy!


I find it a bit strange knowing this baby is a boy yet there are still months to go in this pregnancy before we get to meet our son. I guess now we can work on picking out a name for this little guy.





Silly Shots with Oliver

This is the segment of the blog where I post pictures of Oliver being silly. I have a feeling this won’t be the last post of this kind.

my sanding helper
my sanding helper


yogurt "paint"
yogurt “paint”


eating more than painting
eating more than painting


clean up
clean up
"helping" me tape the baseboards for painting by sitting in my lap
“helping” me tape the baseboards for painting by sitting in my lap
wearing papa's boots
wearing papa’s boots
stuffing his face with popcorn, he was suppose to share his bowl with papa
stuffing his face with popcorn, he was suppose to share his bowl with papa
he still loves those door stops
he still loves those door stops


I don't even know
I don’t even know

The next post might very well be revealing the gender of the new baby, who has finally decided to give me a break from the morning sickness. Stay tuned.