Mother Son Vacation

Oliver and I took a Mother Son trip to Spearfish to see my parents the first part of April. The timing worked out well because David had to make a trip to Illinois and Texas during that time.  Oliver did well on the plane ride there and enjoyed looking out the window in his own seat on the second flight.


We were greeted to the North by a cold wind and snow on the ground. Oliver hasn’t seen snow since Christmas last year when he was only 4 months old. He thought it was pretty great.

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We were only there a couple of days and the snow all melted and Derek and Laura blew in from Minnesota. They even surprised my mom and dad coming in Saturday evening. Oliver took 5 minutes to adjust to them and then they became great playmates. They took Oliver to the park a couple of times as well as to their friends’ farm who had lambs, a tractor, and chickens.

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I am pretty sure Oliver thought his Grandpa and Grandma were pretty fantastic as well. Grandpa would spend countless minutes telling Oliver that there was a light and a dragon on the ceiling, light…dragon…light…dragon, you get the picture. Grandma let Oliver open and close the upstairs patio door countless times, open…close…open…close. Oliver is in the stage of repetition and Grandpa and Grandma were happy to oblige.

Grandma letting Oliver drive the shopping cart around the grocery store
Grandma letting Oliver drive the shopping cart around the grocery store



Oliver is NOT a cuddler, but here he is snuggled up with Grandpa. Awww so sweet.

Oliver is NOT a cuddler, but here he is snuggled up with Grandpa. So sweet.

I myself had to get potato ole’s from Taco John’s at least once while in Spearfish. Oliver may have found them even tastier than me.

10253189_10100138352692304_727016624_nI also took Oliver to the D.C Booth Fish Hatchery to feed the ducks and fish. He thought it was hilarious to watch the fish jump to get the food he’d throw in.


10248801_10100138358515634_411511786_nOliver and I had a really great trip. I was able to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in quite a while. I got some sewing lessons from my mom and gave her some kitchen remodel ideas in return. Not only did Oliver get to spend quality time with his grandparents but I was able to spend some quality time with him too. I didn’t have the normal day to day stuff I need to get done to distract me from just playing with Oliver. I know that I won’t have much one on one time with him once Isaac (yes we have a name for baby!) arrives so I am glad we took this trip together.

Saying goodbye at the airport. We'll see you in July!
Saying goodbye at the airport. We’ll see you in July!



So now that we are in this big place with a nice big yard, we decided to see how good of farmers we could be.  But being in Louisiana where you poke a hole in the ground and water fills that hole up almost immediately.  So step one in making a garden down here is raising it up, so off to the lumber store to pick up supplies.

Lumber for Garden

After a few cuts with the saw, and a few screws, this is what came about!



While we were doing that, we got our seeds started. We planted way too many tomatoes, as well as, cantaloupe, bell peppers, spinach, onions, carrots, broccoli and green beans.


Next came the real fun part, filling that garden with a bunch of dirt. And I have always said, anytime you pick up a shovel it’s work. Oliver wanted to help out with this one. It took two trips to the soil depot, filling up the back of the truck. Then multiply trips between the truck and the garden with a wheel barrel.

IMG_20140315_111910_193 IMG_20140315_111855_070IMG_20140315_111919_531

After all that “clean” and fun work, this is the result!


Then Lauren took over and planted these guys in there, and now we just have to wait and see if we get any produce!