Daily Thoughts

We interrupt the regular scheduled blog posts to bring you “Today’s Insights from Mom”

*Always find the sippy cup of milk from the night before, otherwise your son will find it the next morning and try to drink it.

*When applying ointment to your son’s bum during a diaper change wear a poncho.

*If you take a shower mid day don’t plan on wearing what you put on afterwards later that evening to go out. (See above)

*Avacodo with chips might be our new favorite snack, mom’s pants make a great napkin.

*When changing clothes don’t plan on wearing those same clothes later that night. (See above)

*Check your son’s diaper before getting your other son loaded in the car, even if he’s already had two dirty diapers already today.

*When you’re tired and would like to take a nap, your son will decide he doesn’t want to take his nap.

*It doesn’t matter how rough the day is, when you look at your children, all you see are two blessings.

We now return you to the regular scheduled blogging.