Isaac’s 1st Birthday Party


Balloons, balloons, everywhere! I was trying to keep the theme a bit more simple for Isaac’s Birthday since we went all out for Oliver’s Party and it was so much work for a one year old. So a rainbow color of balloons made up the decorations. We even had a homemade balloon drop that we set up the night before and just prayed it would hold through the night. I didn’t get any pictures of the balloons dropping because I was taking a video but it was a hit with the kids. Oliver and Isaac are still playing with the remaining balloons strewn throughout the house.

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I made both a main cake and a smash cake for Isaac to dig into, along with sandwiches and rainbow fruit kebabs.

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I made a balloon bouquet of Isaac’s monthly pictures. I just love having all of the pictures for each month of his first year in one place.





We had the balloon drop and ate some food and then geared up for Isaac to devour and make a complete mess with his smash cake. That did not happen. We sang Happy Birthday, the candle was blown out, and we set Isaac loose with the cake. He patted it, he played with the sugar decorations, he looked at us staring at him. I stuck my finger in the cake showing him how it’s done. I tried shoving a piece in his mouth, but he was not interested at all. It was very anti-climactic.

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Oh well, I guess it’s not the worse thing to not like cake. It’s just surprising since he’ll eat pretty much anything else. Thanks to everyone who came to help us celebrate this little boys 1st year.

Check me out, I'm 1 year old!
Check me out, I’m 1 year old!


Happy Birthday Isaac! We love you so very much!
Happy Birthday Isaac! We love you so very much!

Isaac-12 Months

Isaac’s Birthday happened to fall on a Saturday this year so we had his party on his actual Birthday. I decided that trying to fit in his monthly photo shoot on the same day would be a bit much so I took his 12 month pictures a couple of days early. I’ll do a separate party post but for now here is the final installment of monthly pictures for Isaac.

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Oliver is still really enjoying these pictures as you can tell
Oliver is still really enjoying these pictures as you can tell
Smiling through the tears
Smiling through the tears


Peace Out
Peace Out
I'll give you a hint to the party's theme. It involved David on a ladder and lots of painters tape...
I’ll give you a hint to the party’s theme, It involved David on a ladder and lots of painters tape…