Summer Vacation (Sort of)

About to take off to Minnesota
About to take off to Minnesota

We ended our summer with a vacation to Minnesota to see my family. My brother (Derek) and sister-in-law (Laura)  live in Northfield MN and my other brother (Jordan) and parents all met there for a long weekend. We arrived in Minneapolis in the evening where Derek picked us up and we went to get supper before taking in a Twins baseball game. We had already had a long day of traveling and the boys didn’t take much of anything for naps so I was anticipating the worst for the game but it went great. Oliver enjoyed the game much more than he did two years ago where he cried 75% of the time and Isaac wasn’t phased by the loud noises at all. We made it through all 9 innings and the Twins took home a win.

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My friend Charlotte, who lives in the cities, met us at the game
My friend Charlotte, who lives in the cities, met us at the game

The next day Derek and Laura lent us a vehicle so that we could travel to Morgan and Tracy to see our grandparents. We stopped in Morgan first to see Great-Grandma Meyers at the nursing home. She seemed happy to see us and enjoyed us taking her outside. She lit up when we told her that Oliver and Isaac were her great-grandchildren. I’m so thankful that we could visit with her and take a few pictures. Oliver wasn’t too thrilled with taking pictures as you can tell.

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Before we left Morgan and headed to Tracy we drove past my grandma’s old house and Jordan and I reminisced about all our visits there. The windmill still sits in the front lawn.


Once to Tracy we had supper out at “The Farm” and Oliver couldn’t get enough of all that the farm has to offer: cows, tractors, rocks, a barn. He probably would’ve been happy to spend the rest of our time in Minnesota playing on a big rock pile listening to cows moo in the background.


Oliver getting to "drive" the tractor
Oliver getting to “drive” the tractor

We stayed with great-grandpa and great-grandma Ziemke overnight and then returned to Northfield the next day. We made sure to take a few pictures before leaving, Oliver was only slightly more agreeable this time around.



The boys got antsy towards the end of our drive back to Northfield so I broke out the felt activity books I made for them.

Oliver enjoying his book
Oliver enjoying his book
Isaac not enjoying his book.
Isaac not enjoying his book.

We ended up having not ideal weather over the weekend. It was either very hot or rainy most of the time. We again managed to take a few pictures right before it rained after brunch on Sunday though.

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Here are a few more candid shots of our boys with their relatives. I’m so grateful that they love their relatives and their relatives love them!

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On our last full day in Minnesota we went to the Children’s Museum where the boys had a lot of fun, followed by the Mall of America to see Legoland.

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The trip was good, although not very relaxing. Are trips ever relaxing once you have children? David and I are thinking that the next trip we take will be without the boys.  We made it through the entire trip with no major incidents. Isaac did take a fall the last night we were there and manage to scrape his nose pretty good.


All in all it was great to spend time together and have a break from David’s busy work schedule. That work schedule seems to be getting more busy too. He has several more trips to Europe and California planned for this year still. Anyone want to come visit us and help me take care of the boys while he’s gone?

Oliver’s 3rd Birthday Party

We wrapped up Isaac’s Birthday Party and I launched into planning Oliver’s Birthday Party. As you all know Oliver loves planes, trains, automobiles, and all other transportation vehicles. I decided to pick just one thing as a theme for the party though and chose Trains! All Aboard the Party Train…



Oliver playing with his friends and his new train set
Oliver playing with his friends and his new train set

We had the party in the morning so we had brunch food to eat. David made pancakes and the train cars carried all of the toppings.



The cake ended up being a bit more work than I anticipated and was downsized from my original vision. I think it turned out in the end.



The cake was enjoyed by all and Oliver was given some pretty awesome gifts. We haven’t even played with all of them yet! This boy continues to be a joy in our lives. Happy 3rd Birthday Oliver, we love you so much!