Easter 2016

Well I did say in the last post that it wouldn’t take me two months to get another post up and it didn’t, it took 2.5 months. Since so much time has past I’m not going to try to blog about things that happened months ago but rather share our Easter pictures and hopefully try better to keep this blog up to date.

A bike ride on Holy Saturday
A bike ride on Holy Saturday
I hid in the office to put together their Easter baskets
I hid in the office to put together their Easter baskets

We decided to take the boys to the Easter Vigil on Saturday night. Before going I tried to get some pictures of the boys dressed up but dancing was more important. At least I got nice individual pictures.

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Oliver fell asleep a half an hour into the three hour Mass. Isaac on the other hand fought sleep that entire time. The next morning the boys searched for Easter eggs inside the house (It was a rainy day) followed by finding their Easter baskets.

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Isaac's favorite thing: "Choc-at"
Isaac’s favorite thing: “Choc-at”
At David's parents house Easter Sunday
At David’s parents house Easter Sunday

And since we are still in the Easter season here’s a recent picture of each boy.

Oliver caught his first fish with the fishing pole we put in his Easter basket.


I am 29 weeks pregnant and everything is going well. We are choosing to not find out the gender until baby is born. Oliver keeps saying it’s a boy and I agree. It will be a surprise indeed if this baby is a girl. We have not come up with a definite name yet either, I keep changing my mind on ones I like best. We don’t have much for plans before June. The house, yard, and boys keep up plenty busy though. Maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to blog a couple more times before the newest addition arrives.