Status Update




-This man turned 34 a couple of weeks ago.

-Spent a week near Lake Tahoe for work (rough work, I know.)

-Has taken up the task of cleaning all of the baseboards in the house because my back won’t let me.

-Recently planted apple trees in the yard and purchased some strawberry plants for the back porch.



-Turned the BIG 3-0 on Mother’s Day this year and celebrated by not cooking.

-Has pretty bad back pain which inhibits her ever-growing nesting instinct from being fulfilled.

-Spends the majority of her time with two cute boys who occasionally treat her to 5 second foot rubs.

-Continues to have cravings for foods she cannot have due to a gluten free diet like fried chicken sandwiches and donuts, alas it’s probably for the best.



-Is getting excited about being a “good big-brother” again.

-Will play pretend “Boat”, “Camping”, “Dog” for hours.

-Enjoyed a trial day at preschool where he’ll be going next fall.

-Is more afraid/squeamish around bugs then his own mother (she hopes this changes.)



-New words/phrases: “Doing” in reference to asking what I am doing when walking into a room. “Ohhhhhhhh” or more recently “Wow” in response to me telling him what I am doing. “Ank You…Much” which is thank you very much.

-So we put it all together and a typical conversation with Isaac goes like this:

“Doing”-Isaac, “Making you a snack”-Mama, “Ohhhhhhhh”-Isaac, “Would you like a snack?”-Mama, “SNACK!!!!!”-Isaac, “Here you go”-Mama, “Ank You…Much”-Isaac, “You’re welcome”-Mama.

-Spends his days following his brother around doing pretty much whatever he asks him to do.

-Has no time for being consoled or cuddled when upset or hurt.



-Is 34 weeks gestation

-Is the cause of Mama’s heartburn, back pain, nesting, and cravings.

-Plays hard to get when Papa tries to feel a kick or movement.

-Knows he/she is loved and anticipated for by his/her family.

DISHWASHER (Yes, the dishwasher gets it’s own category)

-Decided the best thing to do was stop working while fully loaded with people coming over to the house just hours before.

-Was inspected and treated by David with a grave prognosis.

-Sits unused for weeks now while Lauren decides doing dishes is in fact her least favorite household chore over laundry.

-Has been replaced by these two:

13177908_10100522897900624_7268400404831686748_n 13151701_10100522897925574_8366668356607166688_n

They are more attractive to look at, but way, way less effective than a working dishwasher.