Augustine: 6 Months

I’ve been feeling like these monthly posts have been a little repetitive lately. I’m here to report the same thing this month. August doesn’t want to roll over, sit up, eat solid food, or get any teeth! He is getting close to sitting up on his own and I have not tried solid food too much to know if he’s interested or not. There has been a white speck on his gums for the last few days so maybe a tooth will poke through soon. The only difference this month is Augustine’s sleeping habits. Unfortunately, that was the one thing I was hoping would stay the same. He has been waking more frequently at night (Up to 6 times) and his day time naps are sporadic. He was sick this last month and I was hoping his bad sleeping was due to that but I’m starting to question that since he’s healthy again. At his his 6 month check up he was 25 inches long and 14lbs 11 oz in weight, which is very petite for his age. Hopefully next month he is back to sleeping better and has figured out rolling over, or sitting, or eating, or has a tooth or two. Stay tuned.



Pretty soon they won't be able to all fit in this chair
Pretty soon they won’t be able to all fit in this chair

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Don't mind the naked baby doll photobomb!
Don’t mind the naked baby doll photobomb! (or my feet)



Augustine: 5 Months

This boy! He is such a joy. He continues to be so happy and smiley. Augustine is drooling and chewing on EVERYTHING, but still no teeth have appeared. He is so content to be wherever you put him that he’s not concerned with rolling over. If I put him on his belly he’ll just play on his belly. If i put him on his back, he’ll happily stay on his back. I’m sure one of these days he’ll start rolling over and never stop and I’ll wish he would stay in one place. Augustine has been getting around lately via Oliver though. Oliver has taken it upon himself to carry Gustine around the house and it’s cute and slightly terrifying. Our happy, healthy boy continues to eat and sleep well only having a couple of rough nights with sleeping.

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This is how far he goes to roll over
This is how far he goes to roll over
It wouldn't be a monthly photo shoot without at least one of the boys wanting to join in
It wouldn’t be a monthly photo shoot without at least one of the boys wanting to join in

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