Augustine: 8 Months

Slow and steady. That’s the name of Augustine’s development game. This last month he has rolled over 5 times total, still only from belly to back. He will sit for a few minutes at a time which has been nice. I can sit him down and he’ll watch his brothers run around him playing. Augustine has eaten a couple more times but doesn’t seem really interested in eating. I’m rather shoving food in his month and sometimes he swallows. We have not seen any teeth come through and his sleeping has, on some nights, been the worst to date! It get only get better from here on out right? Since Augustine wasn’t sitting up at 6 months like his brothers were I held off on taking additional pictures of him until this month. He sure turned on the cuteness for these pictures.

IMG_20170213_132511 IMG_20170213_132652_1 IMG_20170213_132835 IMG_20170212_151305


Isaac makes his appearance
Isaac makes his appearance

IMG_20170212_151117 IMG_20170212_150944

David would prop Gus up and then I'd take as many pictures as possible before he'd fall over
David would prop Gus up and then I’d take as many pictures as possible before he’d fall over

IMG_20170212_150332 IMG_20170212_145940 IMG_20170212_145941

Augustine: 7 Months

New month, same cute, lazy baby. Augustine has rolled over 1 time, 1 time this entire month. He will sit for a total of 5 seconds at a time. I was impressed that he ate an entire teaspoon of avocado a few weeks ago, but has refused all food since then. The one big thing that has developed since last month is using his hands to grab for things. It’s been fun to watch him reach and play with toys. I also think his hair is growing a bit thicker at the back and sides. No teeth and similar sleeping this month. Maybe he’ll get a bunch of teeth at once and then be the best sleeper ever? One can hope. Oliver and Isaac continue to love on Augustine and Augustine gives the biggest smiles in return.

IMG_20170112_110201 IMG_20170112_110307 IMG_20170112_110527 IMG_20170112_110531 IMG_20170112_110550_1

Happy, happy, then...
Happy, happy, then…
Done. Over it.
Done. Over it.