New Camera and Have I Lost My Mind?

I need some help from anyone who has kept up with this blog. I am 99.99999% sure that I wrote AND posted a blog at the end of 2017 recapping the year. I basically had a bunch of pictures and then wished everyone a Merry Christmas and New Year. I remember publishing this post and it’s disappeared. Someone asked me if I had written a blog recently and when I went to our website to show them the latest post the last one is “Paw Party” posted back in August. Can anyone tell me if they saw a more recent post then that in the last few months. There are no signs of this post and now I’m wondering if it was all in my head. Anyways, moving on…

After several years of talking about getting a nicer digital camera, but always just resorting to taking pictures with our phones, we found a good deal and bought one. David and I figured out how to use the camera once the boys were in bed on Thursday night and Friday morning I took pictures of the boys soon after each one woke up.

Then later that day the boys and I went outside for more picture taking. They really wanted to get a picture of the bees in our flower bush and after several attempts I got one. Do you see it?

On Saturday the weather was perfect so we headed to a park for a picnic, kite flying, and a walk.

Isaac is too tired to walk anymore

We found a lone crab
And two ducks

I’m sure this blog will be filled with more pictures from this new camera as the years go by!


P.S. Leave a comment if you remember seeing a post finishing the 2017 year or if you think I need to be getting more sleep since you never saw such a post.