Ready, Set, GO! (one year later)

I’ve been a terrible blogger. I ran into some issues with a post over a year ago and just never got back to it. I’ve started planning the boys’ triple Birthday Party for this year and just couldn’t move forward with it until last year’s party was posted to the blog. A year ago we had a Race Car/Stoplight themed triple birthday party for the boys. Oliver turning 6, Isaac 4, and Augustine 2. We had a great day and I loved looking back at these pictures when I was getting this post put together. I’m going to try and get some other posts up during these summer months when things seem just a little bit less busy. We shall see.

It’s Racing Day at the Riederer House
This was an easy decoration I did on all the tables: black plastic table cloth and taped yellow construction paper
David made a stoplight beanbag toss
Rice Krispie Treat Stoplights for the party favors
I even had the stoplight theme going with the fruit and utensils.
I wanted to give the boys each their own section of one cake and I was happy with how number racetrack turned out.
Very happy boys
Happy Birthday Oliver, Isaac, and Augustine. We love you boys so much!

We listed our house for sale the very same day as this party. Long story short this year’s party will take place in this house again. Maybe I’ll write a blog post about what this last year has been like with three children and a house needing to stay show ready ALL THE TIME. Then again maybe the next post will be this year’s Lego Party because Everything Is Awesome!