Nina: Two Months Old

Another month has flown by with this little girl and she sure is little. She is almost nine pounds so she’s finally moved into the 0-3 month size clothes, but she’ll probably stay in that size long past 3 months. Nina is smiling even more and I love it. She continues to like her sleep and loves taking naps in a swing. She will do tummy time for a while before getting worked up and can roll onto her side when lying on her back. The boys continue to be in love with her always asking where she’s at developmentally “what’s her vision like now”, ‘when will she start doing…” “look, she just did…”. It’s very cute.

Not entirely happy

June 26th, 2020

We celebrated two sacraments for our children on June 26th. Nina was baptized and Oliver received his First Communion.

Oliver had been preparing all year to receive the Eucharist in April, but then the pandemic hit and everything was put on hold. The parish rescheduled several times and it was finally set for August for the classes to receive the sacrament. We could have had Oliver wait until August but we knew we wanted to have Nina baptized so decided to combine them together. During a daily Mass Oliver received 1st Communion and afterwards Nina was baptized. We celebrated with lunch and cake afterwards at our house. It was a really lovely day even when Nina was crying.

One of the few pictures where Nina is happy.
David made Oliver a keepsake box. He loves that it has a lock to keep his stuff “super safe”.

Nina: One Month Old

Nina is one month old. She has been slow to gain weight and just got back up to her birth weight at 4 weeks old. She doesn’t seem bothered at all by this as she sleeps a lot. I’ve never had a baby that I had to wake up to eat, but with Nina I’ve had to wake her up. It’s so funny that with all the boys I’ve wished they’d just sleep, really begged for them to sleep more then a few minutes. Now with Nina I’ve wished for her to wake up and eat! I’m not complaining about those 3-4 hour sleep stretches I’m get at night though. Nina started smiling, especially at her big brother Augustine who as he says “loves the baby”. Her eyes seem to getting lighter and I think they’ll remain blue. We are truly blest to have Nina in our family. She was not having her 1 month photo shoot, insisting on rolling on her side or crying every time I put her down. I got a couple shots the next day that she cooperated better.

The smallest smile