Flannel or Lace? Gender Reveal Party

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On Friday we had our 20 week ultrasound and we left with an envelope containing a picture of baby’s gender. Yesterday we had friends and family over to our house for a Housewarming/Gender Reveal Party.

There was of course food.


and a cake


I made a board of Old Wives Tales to predict gender. As you can see, a girl was favored.


Then everyone was asked to vote which gender they thought this baby would be. I made lace bows and flannel bow ties for everyone to pin on the board and wear.


I also decorated a box that we opened up to reveal either a flannel shirt or a lace dress.


Here’s the whole set-up. I had fun putting this all together.


Everyone had food and we gave tours of the house since several people hadn’t seen our new place. I really need to get some pictures on the blog of our house. I’ll work on that.

Then it was time to see who this baby was.


After lots of tissue paper throwing, we pull out…


Wait for it…


FLANNEL! It’s a boy!


I find it a bit strange knowing this baby is a boy yet there are still months to go in this pregnancy before we get to meet our son. I guess now we can work on picking out a name for this little guy.





Sharing is caring!

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