Christmas Time

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Since we were in South Dakota for Christmas this year we had Oliver open his gift from his aunt Anna, Grandpa and Grandma Riederer, and us before we left. He’s still figuring out how to ride the tractor, as he calls it but I think Oliver, Joseph, and Isaac will enjoy it for years to come.






David’s company also threw a family Christmas party before we left where there was food, bowling, pictures with Santa and crafts. Oliver decorated his first gingerbread house by eating a piece of candy for every piece that was put on the house.



I realized only after I returned home from our time in South Dakota that I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked. We spent two weeks there and definitely got our white Christmas. Derek, Laura, and Jordan were all able to come while we were there too so Oliver had plenty of playmates and Isaac got plenty of holding.

Oliver helping make Christmas cookies

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I got together with a couple high school friends while I was home. Mika is currently pregnant with her first baby due in March. Hannah had her first baby just a few weeks before Isaac was born. She named her son Isaac too! Isaac meet Isaac.


Pictures after Christmas Vigil Mass

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Christmas morning the boys got gifts in their stockings. My mom made their stockings and I think they are super cute.

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Then more presents were opened once Jordan arrived the next day.

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Isaac started sitting unassisted while there
Isaac started sitting unassisted while there

These are the only pictures I have of Oliver and Isaac with their Aunt and Uncles.

10893608_10100277946819554_646437647_n10899817_10100278052213344_1059700669_nThey did take Oliver sledding on several occasions though which despite what the picture might show he enjoyed.



Oliver got to go sledding several times

Merry Christmas 2014
Merry Christmas 2014

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  1. Thank you, thank you, for sharing all the pictures! I look forward to each post! What a joy for me see your family grow and imagine your days. It makes up just a little bit for not getting to see you at Christmas!

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