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We had been talking about making a trip to Disney World for several months but for one reason or another it kept getting pushed aside. In April, we finally decided to make a trip happen before Augustine turned 3 (because he’s free) so we booked a trip to go the day after school wrapped up for the year.

Around Easter time we told the boys we were going to Disney World with Mickey outfits and their Magicbands. They were not very surprised by the announcement since we had been hinting/talking about Disney World in front of them for weeks prior, but they were very excited. We had them watch some videos of Disney World rides so they had an idea of what they were in for.

Anna joined us for the trip and we left at 4 am on Saturday May 18th to get to Orlando.

We made a couple of stops along the way and arrived just in time for the vigil Mass at the church that David and I met for the very first time 9 years ago!

After Mass we went to two of my favorite places that I went to the year I lived in Florida and they were right next to each other. I was already having the best trip ever!

We got to our hotel with enough time to brush teeth and go to bed. The next day we checked out of that hotel and checked into our Disney World resort suite where we’d stay for the next 4 nights. We brought all our bags to the room and then caught the next bus to our first park of the trip: Epcot.

Augustine was too short to ride a lot of rides at the parks but they had a rider swap option that allowed for one adult to stay with Augustine and the other adults took Isaac and Oliver on the ride and then switch. That meant that on most of the rides Oliver and Isaac got to go twice, which they loved. Up first was Test Track, which ended up being one of the favorites of the entire trip.

All Ready for Day 1
Isaac and Papa on Test Track
Gus and I waiting for everyone on Test Track
Then I got to take the boys on the ride

We went on a couple more rides and then went to have a character lunch. This was the only character meal that we did on our trip. While eating lunch, characters will come around to the tables to interact and take pictures. The boys enjoyed seeing Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Chip and Dale, but that also meant not a lot of eating took place.

We did a couple more rides after lunch and then walked around the World Showcase before heading back to the resort for dinner in the room and getting to bed because the next day was going to be an early one.

Day 2’s Park was Animal Kingdom and we had the ability to get there early before the park officially opened. This time ended up being spent in line for a Pandora ride that only Oliver was tall enough to ride and I think that set the day off on the wrong foot. Oliver got sick of standing in line and Isaac and Augustine got bored waiting to go to another ride. After lunchtime we were able to all enjoy the Safari ride but the boys were hot and tired so we decided to leave this park by mid-day so we could enjoy the resort’s pool.

Waiting in Line at Pandora
Safari Ride
Even with slushies everyone was ready to head out

Anna offered to get the boys dinner at the hotel and put them to bed so that David and I could go back to Animal Kingdom for dinner and the evening lights and water show.

Kids Free

Day 3 was spent at Magic Kingdom. This was the park that Augustine could ride most of the rides so we did a lot of them.

Riding Dumbo
A lunch break that included watching a squirrel hiding nuts
Afternoon beverage
This was another favorite ride, Buzz Lightyear: Spaceranger

We were wiped out by suppertime so we again headed back to the resort for food and swimming.

Day 4 was spent at Hollywood Studios. We really wanted to let the boys see at least one of the night time shows so we planned on only staying until lunchtime and then took an afternoon rest at the hotel.

Gus really liked the rides, he didn’t understand why he could go on all of them
Donut Break
Mama’s favorite ride (Oliver wasn’t a fan)
But he smiled anyway
On the bus back to the resort

After a nice break we felt rested and ready to return to the park for another couple of rides, dinner, and then Fantasmic!

Isaac absolutely loved this show. He tells everyone it was the best part of Disney and he still listens to the soundtrack for the show on the Amazon Echo. He only lasted a few minutes after the show ended before falling asleep. All that excitement will make a little one tired.

The morning of our last day at Disney we packed up our stuff and checked out of the resort. We then spent our final day back at Magic Kingdom.

We stayed at the Art of Animation Resort and in a Cars themed suite. They boys thought that was awesome.

We spent the morning on rides that we hadn’t been on from the first day and then in the afternoon we went back to some of the boys’ favorites. Before leaving Disney World we let the boys each pick out something from the gift shop.

Thunder Mountain
Anna took the boys on the tea cups because neither David or I like those spinning type rides.

It was a hot trip (but it could have been hotter). The parks were crowded (but they could have been more crowded). All in all it was a really great trip. The boys had the best time and ask all the time when we’re going back (not for a very long time). I’m so glad we were able to make the trip happen. It was a great way to start the summer and when we got back home we were able to take it easy until the summer birthday season began!

Below are pictures that were taken either by Disney Cast Members or on the rides themselves.

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