It’s Party Time

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On Saturday we had friends and family join us for Oliver’s first Birthday Party.  The theme, because parties are so much fun to plan with a theme, was Baseball. David made a Baseball Diamond in the backyard, we had a “Concession” Table and everything was decorated with Red, White and Blue. *We got so much stuff on clearance right after the 4th of July it was amazing.


















































I also decorated with all of the “monthly” pictures I have been taking of Oliver. It was really neat to see all of the pictures on one wall to see how much he has changed in the first year.






David grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for the party and I spend Friday making and decorating the main cake, Oliver’s smash cake, and cupcakes.





Everyone ate, played baseball, and swam in our kiddie pool. Then it was time for Oliver to have his first taste of cake. I figured he would dig right into the cake but he was hesitant at first. He figured out how to eat it after some help and then thoroughly enjoyed himself.
























































Once Oliver finished devouring the cake we put him right in the pool for clean up.



















It was a great party and we are thankful that so many people could help celebrate Oliver’s 1st year.



Sharing is caring!

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