All This Nursery Needs is a Baby…


…and the glider that should be arriving later this week. I’m glad that it’s all finished up and we can just wait for baby to make his/her arrival. I’m going to brag about my husband for a bit and let everyone know what he contributed to with this nursery. While I was enjoying a week in Spearfish with my family, David painted the nursery it’s aqua color. He also installed the ceiling fan and curtain rod. It was so great to come home to that surprise! David also assembled the closet organizer, crib, and hung all the wall decorations. I kept telling him that was the last item he needed to deal with, then I would find something else. He’s been very patient with my endless requests for this nursery. Thanks honey!

Through three, yes that’s right, three showers, we received a good amount of what baby needs plus a couple of trips to consignment stores finished up the rest of what this nursery contains. I am quite proud of the steal of a dresser we found at a consignment shop in town. All it needed was new hardware, another thing my wonderful husband picked out and installed, and it matches perfectly with the crib.

I was able to use my small crafting abilities to make the wall art and stencil the “two by two” phrase onto the wall. Then I repainted the mirror and wall shelf we already owned. I am thinking that the blank wall area on the dresser side will be for pictures of the baby once he/she is here. So that’s that, the nursery is all done. Baby, you are welcome to come anytime and check it out! Well actually in a couple more weeks would be preferable, let those lungs develop a little more.

Pictures: Doorway into nursery, crib side, crib with the bunny from when I was a baby, close up of wall decorations, dresser side, dresser side 2, closet.

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A Long Overdue Update

I have been asked several times by many people how I have been doing with pregnancy so I decided that instead of feeling like a broken record I would update everybody at the same time. Hopefully this will be the first of many posts and the updates will soon include introducing Baby Riederer to you all!

I think most everyone knows that this pregnancy has not been the easiest for me. I of course do not have another pregnancy to compare this one to, but it’s been a challenging experience. I did get morning sickness, and it decided to hit me early and last a good while, from weeks 6-19. There were days I wasn’t sure I’d ever be done with that phase, but thankfully it past. To add to the physical discomfort pregnancy has provided me I seem to have torn a muscle in my abdomen prior to or shortly after getting pregnant. This was concluded after multiple visits to my primary care doctor, midwifes, and a chiropractor. Of course they cannot confirm that I have a torn muscle since that would require a CT scan which is a no-go while pregnant as well as being unable to give me medication for the pain (another no-go while pregnant). So as Baby grows and my abdomen stretches so does this torn muscle. Ouch to say the least.

This pain had become so severe that I was unable to complete the tasks of my job at Volunteers of America and in May I resigned. Since that time I have been able to better manage my pain through limiting the amount of sitting upright I do and resting. The pain has, as my doctor suspected, gotten worse. I am very much looking forward to Baby Riederer’s arrival and being able to see how bad this muscle tear is and and figuring out what can be done to heal it.

I guess that’s an update on how pregnancy has physically challenged me, which in the end has challenged me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I’ll be honest, there have been times I’ve cried over this pain telling David I can’t do it anymore. I’ve questioned why God has put me in so much pain for such a beautiful gift. I’ve wondered if it’s all worth it. Of course, I know that it is all worth it and I know that once Baby arrives I’ll wonder how I could have even fathomed placing my physical comfort over my child’s life. Like I said though, pregnancy has affected all areas of my life and I realize how quickly I can get down about it. I am trying in these last few weeks to remain positive and remember that this is all for a very good reason. I will continue to trust in God’s will for this pregnancy and turn to him when I feel like giving up. Please keep me in your prayers that I may be more trusting and accepting. Oh and cool (it’s really HOT and humid here, and that’s looking to hang around for a while).

As I said before hopefully this is the first of many updates as David and I prepare for our little one’s arrival. Is case it wasn’t obvious with me saying “Baby” and “little one” Baby’s gender is a surprise and one that should be revealed around August 8th.