Augustine: 8 Months

Slow and steady. That’s the name of Augustine’s development game. This last month he has rolled over 5 times total, still only from belly to back. He will sit for a few minutes at a time which has been nice. I can sit him down and he’ll watch his brothers run around him playing. Augustine has eaten a couple more times but doesn’t seem really interested in eating. I’m rather shoving food in his month and sometimes he swallows. We have not seen any teeth come through and his sleeping has, on some nights, been the worst to date! It get only get better from here on out right? Since Augustine wasn’t sitting up at 6 months like his brothers were I held off on taking additional pictures of him until this month. He sure turned on the cuteness for these pictures.

IMG_20170213_132511 IMG_20170213_132652_1 IMG_20170213_132835 IMG_20170212_151305


Isaac makes his appearance
Isaac makes his appearance

IMG_20170212_151117 IMG_20170212_150944

David would prop Gus up and then I'd take as many pictures as possible before he'd fall over
David would prop Gus up and then I’d take as many pictures as possible before he’d fall over

IMG_20170212_150332 IMG_20170212_145940 IMG_20170212_145941

Augustine: 7 Months

New month, same cute, lazy baby. Augustine has rolled over 1 time, 1 time this entire month. He will sit for a total of 5 seconds at a time. I was impressed that he ate an entire teaspoon of avocado a few weeks ago, but has refused all food since then. The one big thing that has developed since last month is using his hands to grab for things. It’s been fun to watch him reach and play with toys. I also think his hair is growing a bit thicker at the back and sides. No teeth and similar sleeping this month. Maybe he’ll get a bunch of teeth at once and then be the best sleeper ever? One can hope. Oliver and Isaac continue to love on Augustine and Augustine gives the biggest smiles in return.

IMG_20170112_110201 IMG_20170112_110307 IMG_20170112_110527 IMG_20170112_110531 IMG_20170112_110550_1

Happy, happy, then...
Happy, happy, then…
Done. Over it.
Done. Over it.



Augustine: 6 Months

I’ve been feeling like these monthly posts have been a little repetitive lately. I’m here to report the same thing this month. August doesn’t want to roll over, sit up, eat solid food, or get any teeth! He is getting close to sitting up on his own and I have not tried solid food too much to know if he’s interested or not. There has been a white speck on his gums for the last few days so maybe a tooth will poke through soon. The only difference this month is Augustine’s sleeping habits. Unfortunately, that was the one thing I was hoping would stay the same. He has been waking more frequently at night (Up to 6 times) and his day time naps are sporadic. He was sick this last month and I was hoping his bad sleeping was due to that but I’m starting to question that since he’s healthy again. At his his 6 month check up he was 25 inches long and 14lbs 11 oz in weight, which is very petite for his age. Hopefully next month he is back to sleeping better and has figured out rolling over, or sitting, or eating, or has a tooth or two. Stay tuned.



Pretty soon they won't be able to all fit in this chair
Pretty soon they won’t be able to all fit in this chair

img_20161212_164004 img_20161212_163639

Don't mind the naked baby doll photobomb!
Don’t mind the naked baby doll photobomb! (or my feet)



Augustine: 5 Months

This boy! He is such a joy. He continues to be so happy and smiley. Augustine is drooling and chewing on EVERYTHING, but still no teeth have appeared. He is so content to be wherever you put him that he’s not concerned with rolling over. If I put him on his belly he’ll just play on his belly. If i put him on his back, he’ll happily stay on his back. I’m sure one of these days he’ll start rolling over and never stop and I’ll wish he would stay in one place. Augustine has been getting around lately via Oliver though. Oliver has taken it upon himself to carry Gustine around the house and it’s cute and slightly terrifying. Our happy, healthy boy continues to eat and sleep well only having a couple of rough nights with sleeping.

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This is how far he goes to roll over
This is how far he goes to roll over
It wouldn't be a monthly photo shoot without at least one of the boys wanting to join in
It wouldn’t be a monthly photo shoot without at least one of the boys wanting to join in

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Augustine: 4 Months

Augustine continues to be a happy baby and loves to smile at us and his surroundings. He weighs 13lbs 10oz and is 24 inches long. He has yet to roll over. I think it’s because he enjoys tummy time so much he is not worried about getting on his back. He started teething but no teeth yet. Even with the teething, Augustine has done a couple of 7 hour sleep stretches at night which amaze me.

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Yee-haw! It’s a Barnyard Party

One week after Augustine’s Baptism, and while my mom was still in town, we threw a joint birthday party for Oliver and Isaac. Isaac had just turned 2 and Oliver was turning 4 next month so we thought we’d combine them into one party. It was quite the turn out with many friends and family coming to celebrate our two boys. I had a lot of fun putting together a “Farm” themed party. My mom was a huge help getting the house ready and all the food prepped and served.

The boys opened gifts from mom the night before the party which including these elephants from my childhood.
The boys opened gifts from mom the night before the party which including these elephants from my childhood.



Oliver with his tractor cake
Oliver with his tractor cake
Isaac with his cow cake. Neither of them wanted to take pictures
Isaac with his cow cake. Neither of them wanted to take pictures



The menu
The menu



Oliver on his new bike he received from Grandpa and Grandma Riederer
Oliver on his new bike he received from Grandpa and Grandma Riederer
David took kids for hay rides in the trailer for our lawn mower. Happy Birthday Oliver and Isaac. We love you.
David took kids for hay rides in the trailer for our lawn mower. Happy Birthday Oliver and Isaac. We love you.
A final shout out to my mom who was such a huge help to us. She's has even agreed to come back after awful flights to and from New Orleans. Thank you!
A final shout out to my mom who was such a huge help to us. She has even agreed to come back after awful flights to and from New Orleans. Thank you!

Under Construction

We decided that along with having a newborn, Oliver starting preschool, throwing a huge birthday party (next blog post) and David traveling for work we should also do some home improvement projects. Thus the reason for the absence on the blog. Since Augustine was born we’ve ripped up carpet in the dining room and “Big” room, laid tile in the dining room, painted the dining room walls and trim, created a doorway between the play room and big room, painted trim in big room, and laid laminate in the big room. Still to go: ripping up carpet in the playroom, painting playroom walls and trim, laying the laminate down, and building/installing a barn door for the new doorway. WHEW! I’d say we are about halfway done, maybe more but probably won’t be completely done for a few more months. I’d like to write a separate post on the updates when they are all finished but below is a video of the almost finished dining room and the start of the doorway. (Taken a few weeks ago) David has been working tirelessly to get these projects done. I have helped where I could but mostly just try and keep the boys out of his way. I’m looking forward to when everything is done and I’m sure David would agree.

Augustine: 3 Months

Augustine is getting to be so smiley and I love it. He’s on the verge of laughing making little “ha’s” here and there. He sleeps pretty well at night, going for 5 hours to start before waking up. I put Augustine in the super seat just after hitting three months and he seems to enjoy sitting up and looking around. He also seems to be more okay with sitting in the car seat. He is our most content baby so far, only getting fussy when hungry.

thumb-1 thumb thumb-1

This face, haha!
This face, haha!



Augustine: 2 Months

Augustine is now closer to 4 months old, but I did write the following when he was two months old.

Augustine is 2 months old, two months! I can’t even remember a time when he wasn’t a part of our family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Augustine is a snugly baby, preferring to be held. He’s begun to smile, giving little smirks here and there. He’s not a fan of the car seat so I have stuck close to home a majority of the time. His eyes seem to be turning blue like Oliver’s. I can’t believe that we have two blue-eyed boys since neither David or I’s are. There’s still a chance his eyes will change, but they seem to be lightening up. Augustine’s brothers are still very interested in him and willingly took a picture with him.

thumb-1 thumb-2 thumb-3 thumb-4 thumb-6 thumb


Augustine’s Birth Story

*Disclaimer: If you aren’t interested in all of the details involved in a birth story I suggest you skip over this blog post.

It was decided between my OB, Midwife and I that I should try natural induction methods early since both Oliver and Isaac came after 41 weeks and we figured moving things along for this one would be beneficial. I began drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea at 34 weeks along, a big glass every day. I began eating dates daily around 37 weeks because I had heard they are beneficial. I also took evening primrose oil daily and went to the Chiropractor regularly. I had heard things about Clary Sage putting woman into labor so I had a bottle of that ready to use. My midwife hadn’t know Clary Sage to work at starting labor but rather helping once labor began.

I felt like I had more abdominal cramps towards the end of this pregnancy in comparison to the other two, so I thought maybe just maybe I might have the baby earlier. I still figured I’d go to 40 weeks, but maybe not beyond that. Now here’s where things get interesting…

At 38 weeks exactly I decided to rub some Clary Sage on acupressure points on my feet. (I rubbed these points for both Oliver and Isaac in the hopes of inducing labor but nothing ever came of it.) I rubbed it in and went to bed. That was Friday night, June 10th.

I woke up Saturday like any other day and began getting things done around the house. David changed wheel bearings on the truck and mowed the grass. I cared for the boys and dusted the big room (aka nesting because dusting has never been a big priority for me.) I made some comment to David that these cramps better mean something since they seemed to be more frequent. Mean something as in “not pregnant for another 3+ weeks” Well I guess baby took that as a command to get moving.

We had decided earlier that week that we’d go to Mass Saturday night since we had a birthday party to go to the next day. We also needed to get some shopping done so planned on going straight from church to the grocery store.

All through Mass I noticed more of the contraction like cramping. It would last about 20-30 seconds and then go away. I was able to mostly focus during church but kept track that I had about 5 contractions. As we were loading up the boys I told David that I thought I was having contractions and he wondered if we should be going to the store. I told him that they were not intense nor were they very close together and that we needed food whether I was going into labor or not. While shopping I continued to noticed the contractions and David could tell when I was having one.

I was still unsure if these contractions were going to amount to anything. I just couldn’t imagine that at 38 weeks pregnant I was going to have a baby! We decided on the drive home from the store that we’d get home, put the boys down for bed and I would time the contractions to see where they were at. So from 9-10:30 I timed contractions and they were jumping around from 14, 7, 9, 13, 5, 15 minutes apart and again not very intense. During that time I texted a couple of people jokingly telling them that I might have a baby soon. Can you say denial? And that’s just the beginning. I texted my midwife at that point and told her I was having contractions, nothing intense and that I was going to go to bed. She texted back saying okay, and I went to bed at 10:30.

I slept until about midnight and then the contractions started waking me up so I decided not to wake up David just yet but to take a bath and see if they continued. While I was filling up the tub I quickly cleaned the bathroom counters (because who gets their house clean and ready for a baby at 38 weeks pregnant when their previous children came 3+ weeks later?) In my cleaning I must have woken up David because he came into the bathroom wondering what was going on. I casually said I was having stronger contractions so I thought I’d take a bath and that he should go back to bed. Denial. I took a bath and counted my contractions, they were coming every 3-4 minutes. When I got out David was still awake and he thought I should call the midwife. So I called her and continued to casually say that I was having contractions, that they weren’t too bad and that I didn’t know if they were going to turn into anything substantial. She suggested I try and get some more sleep so that’s what I did.

At least I tried to go back to sleep but the contractions intensified and started coming every 2-3 minutes. I was finally convinced that this was the real thing at around 2:30 in the morning. For some reason I wanted to give the midwife a little more sleep so I held off calling her until about 3:30 and she could tell it was the real thing as well and said she’d be on her way and let her apprentices know they should head over as well.

I remember telling David that I didn’t know what to think. The pain was so bad and the idea of being in labor much longer was terrifying but I really didn’t want to have a baby without the midwife being there, such a dilemna. Well the dilemna didn’t carry on for much longer because the midwife and her apprentices arrived about 4:30. David also called his mom and asked her to come sleep in the guest bed in case the boys woke up.

The next 1.5 hours are a bit of a blur. I know I pounded on David’s chest and then would apologize for hitting him. I know I made comments like “who would choose to do this?” and “why do I watch those stupid birth videos on youtube where they’re all calm and peaceful and just breath a baby out?” Let’s just say I am not calm or peaceful and I did not just breath the baby out.

I also am not someone who has that intense feeling of needing to push. The midwife thought that I could try based upon how I was acting (can you say transition?) Up until that point I had been in the tub but something compelled me to jump out and 3 pushes and 2 minutes later I delivered Augustine standing up on the bathroom floor just before 6 am. He was lifted up into my arms where I could “feel” he was a boy. I looked down just to make sure and told David it was a boy.

The midwifes asked me to lay down to deliver the placenta so there I was laying on the bathroom floor with Augustine on my stomach, his umbilical cord was short so I couldn’t quite hold him on my chest. David sat beside me and we decided on his name. We had two boy names picked out but I wanted to wait until I met him to decide on the name. We both agreed that he was Augustine Matthew without a doubt. After delivering the placenta and a shot of pitocin for bleeding a little more than the midwife would have liked I was able to quickly rinse off in the shower and crawled into bed with my newest baby boy. He nursed for a while, then got weighed and measured. 7 lbs, 3 oz. 20.25 inches long. Perfect.

I would say that labor, non denial labor, was about 4 hours long. I couldn’t believe how quickly Augustine came. I am still in shock that he came so early and so quickly. He is truly another blessing to our family and worth every painful, non-peaceful, contraction I endured. David was again my constant support and a story like this is only possible because of his love and dedication.


Mama loves you little Augustine Matthew
Mama loves you little Augustine Matthew